Lost the race to do the dishes
But I‘m not complaining xD

It’s all yours ..

Kian Oakley all mine - i like the sound of it.

Tired and cold, but still alive <3

Yeon Hwang Should I bring you some sushi and a blanket? :)

Craving something sweet 🍓


Yeon Hwang Looks delicious! Enjoy! 🍓

Tae Seol Cheon
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Yeon Hwang Be kind!

Tae Seol Cheon @YeonHwang Always 💋

Ready to go💋

Vanida Burton 💋❤

"If you look for me wholeheartedly
... you will find me" ✨


Vanida Burton ✨💓

Thank you so much for picking me up at the airport and spending the day with me <3

Kian Oakley my pleasure. hope you've had a great trip. heard a lot about it. glad you're back safely. 😇🖤



🎶Start spreading the news,
I'm leaving today .. 😏💋

Daniel Ko 🔥😎

Yeon Hwang Nice Bathroom 😅

Tae Seol Cheon @YeonHwang Just for you.. the bathroom in full view XD

Enjoying the last days... 💋

Yeon Hwang Take care!

Tae Seol Cheon @YeonHwang Always♥️