selfie time 😂😜✌😎👼

Yeon Hwang ... what the fuck 🤨

Daniel Ko yes, it was your words a second before I taken this picture 😂

Yeon Hwang True that! My face tells a whole story


new hairstyle ... hmm... natural hairstyle

I found this old video of our dance practices. Maybe we can do it better now? 😎

Bo Hwang I'm too old for this! xD Let's do it! 🤣

Jeffrey Kwon I think so ;) we rock the world now

Daniel Ko @BoHwang You're not too old! 😂 You're crazy 😜 choose all of your young energy and yeah... let's do it!

Daniel Ko @jeffkwon we alway rock the world! 😎 wuuh! But now we are geniuses 😜 lets do this again and better than in the past! 😏😎

Jeffrey Kwon 🥳 Whoop Whoop ... Lets do it! 😁

thank you for taking this picture 😂😴 #sleepyme

Darkwing Duck chr chr... wasn´t me... :P

Daniel Ko sure... 😏😂🧐😜

Yeon Hwang tiny fingers 🤣

Darkwing Duck don´t judge his fingers!

🙃😂😋 #memories #oldpictures #childhood

friends since childhood 😎 #memories #oldpictures

Bo Hwang the benefits of having a babyface xD

Daniel Ko yeah 😂 thats true! 🙃😎

we're like geniuses 😎😂 #memories #oldpictures