🗨 "Elegance is elimination." —Cristóbal Balenciaga

recommendation of the day: tignanello (m. p. antinori).

Yeon Hwang Cheers! 🍷

Kian Oakley @YeonHwang cheers mate 🍷

How did it get so late so soon? 💭

she blooms wild and burns bright.
[kefi - 05.01.2016] #twin

🔛una mattina -
ludovico einaudi.

Yeon Hwang Precious.

Chrysalis lined up, ready to hatch.

Yeon Hwang Good luck for the little ones 🦋

the little rascal and her lifesaver. who's the lucky one? 🐾

Tae Seol Cheon .. You..? xD

Kian Oakley guess time will tell. 😌

she solemnly swears that she's up to no good - as always.

Miga Hwang Awww so cute! 🥺

Daniel Ko cutie dog 🥰

Yeon Hwang Your little shadow ♠️

#np ✘ dimitri shostakovich;
piano concerto no 2 in f major, op. 102

Daniel Ko have fun ;)

Kian Oakley thanks d-boy!

Yeon Hwang Next time i‘m with you!

Kian Oakley I insist on it!