Always enjoy the best food with you 😊

#foodie #thankyou #icecream #universitybreak #mylittletaetae

"Search for soul in everything"

Daniel Ko Did you find something? 😋😎

Yeon Hwang Depends on what I was looking for.

Daniel Ko 🧐🧐🧐

"That's your "I wanna go home" -face"

Yuna Hwang definitely 😝😂

Always hungry. 🌞

Yeon Hwang I can't tell you eat everything! :D

Daniel Ko hmmm, you can't? 😂🙃

Yeon Hwang You eat way to quick! Haven't got any chance to get some of the chicken!

Daniel Ko I'm sorry 😂😇 next time I try to eat slowly

Yeon Hwang I hope so! :D

Yeon Hwang
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What a night. 🎼

Kian Oakley what a night. indeed. 💭

Yeon Hwang @Kayoh Thank you for your precious time. Next time I'll pay the tea.

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Tae Seol Cheon I can’t believe you guys! Eating and sharing food without me! 😭☹️

Yeon Hwang @DanielKo That's why I like you 😊

Yeon Hwang @TinyTae I will bring you some later on, Taetae 💛

Tae Seol Cheon 😭 Don’t bother! I will eat a whole pizza by myself! And I‘ll not share a slice ☹️

Yeon Hwang @TinyTae Don't be sulky. I'm on my way and bring some Pizza. You don't have to share it, taetae. I just sit there and watch you eating and be happy about it. 😙

Highschool wasn't easy, huh? 🤭

#throwback #highschool

Kian Oakley my least favorite place to be.

Yeon Hwang @Kayoh I can tell it from your face. But it wasn't all bad!

Finally reunited with my foodie! 😊

Tae Seol Cheon MY YONYON!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Yeon Hwang Hope you enjoyed the meal 😊

Tae Seol Cheon @YeonHwang Enjoyed? I loved it! With you everything is delicious! Missed you soooooo much ♥️

Yeon Hwang @TinyTae So, I'm happy. Missed you too, taetae. Glad you're back home 😊

It's cold, huh? But still ☀

#break #university

Daniel Ko I'll be always your sun 😋🙃😎🌞