Is it just windy or is it your love blowing me away? 🌩 🖤 🤍

Rush Rhee It’s obviously my love 😏

Definitely the best picture from this whole trip…🥹♥️

#mycrush #love #boyfriend #thebestieverhad #theonlyieverwanted

Rush Rhee Let’s go there again babe 💕✨ maybe next year? .. for our anniversary 🤭

Thanks for visiting me during my model job, my love. 🤍🖤 Appreciate it so much 💌

#mycrush #myrush #mylove #myeverything #modeljob

Rush Rhee Watching you today.. I had the urge to hide you from everyone and show you off at the same time 🤭 Can‘t believe I have such an stunning and handsome boyfriend 😘 I‘m so proud of you <3

Cloud Jeong Stop it 😚 🤭 🤍 🖤

Cloud Jeong
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Cloud Jeong
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Rush Rhee You look so se.. handsome babe 😩🤭

Cloud Jeong I think it's up to the photographer..Good angle 😇🤍🖤

Rush Rhee I disagree, it’s all you babe 😘

Cloud Jeong Stop! 🤭🤍🖤

Inked. Again. 🫠🌩️

#maybealittleaddicted #inked #crushed

Rush Rhee Seems like we have to do something about your addiction 😏🤭

Cloud Jeong Eh? What you wanna do? 🙈

Rush Rhee You gonna find out soon enough babe 😏

Cloud Jeong Ok now I am curious! 👀🤭

Could watch you all night long.... 💭 🤍 🖤 💌

#crush #mycrush #favourite

Rush Rhee It's my pleasure 🤭 you can watch me all you want, I'm not going anywhere my love 💕

Cloud Jeong Hope so 🤍🍀

Rush Rhee I know so! 💕Not leaving you, ever 🤭

Guess what makes me smile like that? 😁🌈🫶🤍🖤

#happy #smile #behappy #love

Rush Rhee In a not so selfishly - but most definitely selfish - way, I’m going to say: me! And claim your smile and happiness as mine <3✨

Cloud Jeong Sometimes i like your selfish way… 🌝🖤🤍

Rush Rhee Only sometimes? 🤭

Cloud Jeong @RedPrince lets say…often 😋

Shooting day ✌ 🤍 💎

#model #shooting #fridayvibes #peace #funtime #Chicago

Rush Rhee As you should 😭 I miss you like crazy 😩

Cloud Jeong Tomorrow I'll be home! 😚 With a present for you 🤭

Rush Rhee A present? You with a big ribbon on? 🤭

Cloud Jeong Maybe, eh? But I bet it's even better! 😊

Rush Rhee Even better? What is it?😮

Missed him like crazy 😪 🤍 🖤 🥰

#mycrush #backhome #exhausted #sleepwellmybaby

Rush Rhee Missed you too 😭 so happy to be home ♥️