Is this your way of saying „Thank you“? Next Time i‘ll let you down…. 😒😭☹️😉

#ofcourseiamjoking #revengewillcome #ouch😭

Jazz Valentine Next time you what?.. Will be nice?! And catch me again?!! Aww my little birdie 🤭 Thank you

Sparrow Tempest and lock you in a cage so you don't fly away again. 😉

Jazz Valentine Me? But I didn’t fly away.. 😭 I walked!

Right in your Heart. 💔



Sparrow Tempest @ThePulseSpade 🙄....It's pathetic how you always have to project your own uselessness onto others.

Jazz Valentine You sure you're talking about me and not you? Think about it, who lives off of their parent's money in a big loft and never worked in his fucking life. Grow up, spoiled little bitch. 🙄

Sparrow Tempest @ThePulseSpade Well, I think that's just my luck. Not my fault that you grew up in the shadiest neighborhoods without any education. Oh and I don't know if gambling and stealing others money is called "working", mabe you should think about this, puffy cheek.

Jazz Valentine Yeah, and? So I grew up in a really shitty neighborhood? What about it? So I gamble… what's got it to do with you? Don't act like you know everything about me, boy. Go back and play with your toys. Nobody got time for your little tantrums.

Sparrow Tempest @ThePulseSpade You seem to have it ;)

Sparrow Tempest
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Karma is my boyfriend.

Rush Rhee Poor Karma, got blackmailed by a sly fox xD


Sparrow Tempest
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Sparrow Tempest
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Jazz Valentine Nice nose job! Glad you finally feel confident about yourself 👍

Sparrow Tempest Watch your mouth or you need one.

Jazz Valentine I was being nice, dumbass! Learn how to read before you bark 🙄

Sparrow Tempest Shhh...

Jazz Valentine It's okay, nobody will ever know… you don't need to be ashamed, all good! really! looks amazing