Sparrow Tempest @RedPrince youre Little cloud seems simping for another guy, Check on him

Sparrow Tempest Oh and by the way when you Call These Matches „muscles“ then i dont know how you can handle so like Rush, but anyway

Jazz Valentine @spadesheart you seem to like those „matches“ very much or should I remind you while I drag you into my „messy af“ room… with a bottle of champagne

Rush Rhee @spadesheart you seem jealous 😂 Don‘t worry, my boyfriend is only simping after me.

Cloud Jeong @RedPrince @spadesheart Thats right <3

You're stupid.

Jazz Valentine You too.

Sparrow Tempest But I‘m rich and you….aren‘t ✨

Jazz Valentine And I don‘t care … 🫧

❝ When you're standing on the edge
So young and hopeless
Got demons in your head… ❞


Jazz Valentine Photos? What photos?

Sparrow Tempest @ThePulseSpade I'll show them to you during the next glass of champagne 😏

Jazz Valentine No more champagne! No! I refuse 🫣

Sparrow Tempest No chance!

Jazz Valentine @spadesheart you can’t force me!

❝ Destruction is a form of creation. ❞

Jazz Valentine Sure, go ahead..

Sparrow Tempest Now I have the feeling this is a trap 😒🧐

Jazz Valentine I guess you have to find out 😏

Sparrow Tempest So? 😏 ok, i will, but dont complain in the end 🌝

Jazz Valentine Don’t worry, I won’t 😏

❝ I desire the things which will destroy me in the end. ❞

Sparrow Tempest Always with the wrong Kind of people 🙄

Hanging out with this one 😂

Cloud Jeong You two…. 🤭

Jazz Valentine @Cloudyday Aren't we cuuuuute?! 🤭 Look at him! He was so surprised to see me, he almost kicked me out xD

Cloud Jeong @ThePulseSpade He is Not Good at expressing emotions, so dont be surprised 😂 but yes you two are too cute 😏🫶🤭

Storm Jeong @ThePulseSpade Yes, that's possible 😂

Storm Jeong @Cloudyday what do you mean? 🤔

❝ But does he know you call me when he sleeps?
But does he know the pictures that you keep?
But does he know the reasons that you cry?
Or tell me, does he know where your heart lies?
Where it truly lies ❞

Cloud Jeong Such a nice concert, loved it! 🤗

Jazz Valentine My little Cloud, aww thank you, you're always welcome ^^

❝ let's cause a little trouble ❞


Sparrow Tempest 🤮

Jazz Valentine @spadesheart yeah, I know alcohol is not your thing, I told you! You should stick to Capri sun, like all little boys do 😘

Jazz Valentine @spadesheart Sorry buddy, but "your message violated our community guidelines" - it had to go 🤙

Sparrow Tempest @ThePulseSpade oh my…How Petty you are. Nevermind, have fun. Close the door behind you, when you come Home 🤭

Jazz Valentine @spadesheart yeah don‘t worry, I’m sleeping somewhere else tonight, but thanks

on stage tonight.


Cloud Jeong I'll be there! 😊

Jazz Valentine I knew I could count on our little cloud 😄👍

Cloud Jeong Of course! 🫶

Jazz Valentine See ya tonight ✨

❝ Oh, that's life
Left dripping down the walls
Of a dream that cannot breathe
In this harsh reality ❞