Where is the next party? We are ready!

#throwback #weekendvibes #houseparty

Coming back from my weekend trip, thanks for having me 🤙 💥

Weekend Vibe, Bitches! 🤙 What's up tonight?

Kandace Dearborn falls lake or diner?🤍

Kenneth Archer White I'm in!!!

Watch your back! 🤫

Roe Laveau .. but who? Me? 😱 Why? Wanna hug me again? .. You became quite clingy XD

Codiak Arrowood Dude! Where were ya last weekend? 🤨

Kenneth Archer White @BadJuju I not just wanna hug you, my Juju 😏

Kenneth Archer White @Arrowoodcody Family Weekend. Yay. so much fun. Hope to be in this night! what about you? 🥳

Roe Laveau @KennethWhite You better stop😏 children are watching 😂

HEY! I see you! Stop throwing small rocks at my window while I'm looking at you 😂😂

Kenneth Archer White Should I use a big one for your attention?

You're ready? 🤙

November North I'm ready! You're ready? 👟

Kenneth Archer White For you? Always. 👅 ⚡ 😏

Roe Laveau Ew! XD

Just one shot. 💣 🥃

#drunk #weekend #nightout

Throwback to summer holidays! 🤙 ☀ 🍦 🍺

#hotasfuck #holidays #caribbean #ocean #missit

It's a serious thing, really! 🤭

#grin #wednesdayvibes #middleofweek #schoolcalling

Kaleb Dearborn U know what? Meet me later, i´ve got an Idea... Will be fun.

Wednesday Deadwater So, #wednesdayvibes hm?😏

Kenneth Archer White @KalebDearborn I'm in, whats going on?

Kenneth Archer White @Wednesday Hahaha, it's true tho! Hat gut gepasst ;)

Wednesday Deadwater Ich würde ja mal behaupten, das passt immer! 😉

Morning! Guys, it's friday!

#tgif #weekendcalling #whatsup

Codiak Arrowood Immer! 😀 Diesmal sollte ich auf meine Schuhe achten... kann mir ein weiteres neues Paar nicht leisten.

Kandace Dearborn Kommt doch direkt einfach barfuß!

Codiak Arrowood 🤔 In Hinsicht der Verlustvorbeugung klingt das nach einem guten Plan!

Kenneth Archer White Dann sehen wir uns nachher am Bootshaus! @Kandace @Arrowoodcody, ich trommel noch ein paar Leute zusammen 😉

Kandace Dearborn Geht klärchen! Freue mich auf euch! 🤍